30 March 2012

Racism and the 'Hunger Games' (from Jezebel, 26 Mar 2012)

The Hunger Games, a 2008 novel by Susanne Collins, has garnered quite a bit of attention lately. But with the release of the Hunger Games movie on 23 March (which, with $152.5 million, currently holds the record for the third highest-grossing opening weekend box office movie in North America), a different sort of attention—or perhaps more fittingly, an alarming observation—has come into play. I am speaking, of course, about the racism and startling racist comments of certain Hunger Games fans who were "shocked" and "confused" by the fact that some the novel's characters are portrayed by black actors in the movie—even though Collins, the author, specifies in the novel that these characters have dark skin.

Three days after the movie's release, Jezebel posted a fantastic article entitled Racist Hunger Games Fans are very Disappointed in which the obvious racism of some Hunger Games fans is excellently addressed. The article includes several web screenshots of actual posts and comments made on the Internet by such narrow-minded fans.

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