30 March 2012

The Naked Option

Nigerian women in the Niger Delta region are organizing and fighting back against a corrupt, profit-minded government and the tyrannical oil corporations that have been plundering the area for decades. Deep-seated injustices, as well as the unequal social perceptions and expectations these women face in contrast to men of the Niger Delta, are also being validly attacked by women in the region.

The Naked Option: a Last Resort (written and directed by Candace Schermerhorn, produced by Schermerhorn and Sam Olukoya) is a 2011 documentary that follows these women as they take a stand and, as noted on SnagFilms, "use the threat of stripping naked in public, a serious cultural taboo, in their deadly struggle to hold the oil companies accountable to the communities in which they operate."

I recommend this documentary without question. It is certainly worth anybody's time—mostly because it addresses critical issues that, for far too many, have been ignored or forgotten. 

"Our weapon is our nakedness."

Check out the link above to view the film. For more information about the film and the project behind it, click here and here.

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