30 March 2012

More from the Reason Rally in Washington (24 Mar 2012)

In a recent post, I mentioned the Reason Rally that took place in Washington, DC, on 24 March. While I wasn't able to attend the rally (I had already returned to school from spring break), I absolutely wish that I could have been there. Why? Aside from being a large and successful rally committed to reason and sound questioning, there were, from what I've read and heard, several interesting and engaging speeches made at the rally. 

Two of those speeches, made respectively by Greta Christina and Richard Dawkins (both of whom I admire and share a similar worldview with), have been posted below. Just note that, since I didn't attend the rally, these videos are obviously not mine. 

Clip from Greta Christina's speech:

Clip from Richard Dawkins' speech:

More information about the Reason Rally can be found in a recent post called Religious faith vs. logic. I should also mention that the video posted there shows a conversation involving a good friend of mine (the guy with glasses in the purple V-neck)—another reason I wish I could have been there. 

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